International Mystic Soccer Night Dominion

Welcome to my little page about IMSN, one of my favorite PS2 games. It was criminally overlooked in Japan, and never received an international release. All the reviewers failed to approach the game for what it is trying to be, and wanted to play it like a traditional sports game, skipping the dialogs and docking points for lacking sports game options (quick match, multiplayer).

I hope my page will encourage you to play it for yourself and give it the fair chance it was denied at release.

-- Aria Salvatrice

Last update: January 25th, 2009

Game Information

Title: International Mystic Soccer Night
Platform: Playstation 2
Publisher: Koei
Game Designer: Gorou Yukimura
CERO Rating: D
Release date: June 5th, 2003
Famitsu score: 12/40

Game Versions

Collector's Edition

This edition included a poster of the main characters, a 1/8th figure of Hoshi, a whistle, a fake Golden cup, a pack of chalk (white and red), a color manual, a 16 pages A5 softcover artbook, an OST disk, and the game disk. It's actually more common to find the CE on auction sites, but you will rarely get all the goodies intact. At least 3000 units were produced.

Collector's Edition

Normal Edition

Exactly what you think it is. A box (with Memory Card holder), a black and white manual, and the game disk. Supposedly, only 1500 exist.

Both versions contain the exact same game, but their contents have small version differences in file headers. Normal edition is technically v.1.1, but there's no known differences.

Normal Edition

Story (translated)

In the year 2025 A.D., humanity is taken by storm by the new 21st century sport: Mystic Soccer.
Special stadiums known as EFFECT FIELDS are constructed all over the world as every country wishes to host to most important Mystic Soccer event: the NIGHT OF THE CUP. National teams battle for supremacy every day. In their shadow, a new team is rising - the International team. Will the Daughters of the Cup unravel the secrets of the night?


Since you create your own player at the start of the career, and recruit randomly-generated girls from the defeated teams, there are very few fixed characters.

You'll notice there's no striker. That's the game's way of telling you it's your role.

Name: Hoshi Wakahisa
Nationality: Japanese
Age: 16
Height: 164cm
Number: 3
Position: Wing-back
Likes: Texting, Holo print club
Dislikes: Ghosts

The closest there is to a main character (and one of the only two Japanese characters), she is a cheerful girl who always stands for her friends, no matter how hopeless the situation is. She is a top-tier sprinter, and don't be fooled by her special tackle animation: it's a beast that never misses. Her special song brings embers to the field.

Normal Uniform Alternate Uniform
Normal uniform Alternate uniform
The checkered pattern on the dress makes her stand out from the rest of the team The soccer-themed customizations to the school uniform are too subtle to really notice

Name: Veronika Pasternack
Nationality: Russian
Age: 25
Height: 158cm
Number: 19
Position: Winger
Likes: Boat cruises, big dogs.
Dislikes: Politicians
The silent one. I'm not even sure the actress recorded anything besides the shouts & songs. Ok, ok, I exaggerate a bit, but get ready to have her tell you "..." a lot. Even if she won't say anything, her attack skills are tremendous. You might end up scoring as many goals with her than your created character. Her song (sung in Russian!) brings coiled spirits out of hiding.

Normal Uniform Alternate Uniform
Normal uniform Alternate uniform
Cool cape I need that nekomimi ushanka >_<

Name: Léonne D'Aramitz
Nationality: French
Age: 19
Height: 181cm
Number: 8
Position: Goalkeeper
Likes: Photography, fashion
Dislikes: Monsters
She's a big jerk. Literally. Taller than most girls on the field, and her attitude is just as big. You're stuck with her as goalkeeper: except for a few matches, you are not allowed to swap her out. She does a terrible job at defending - but so does every goalkeeper in this game, their AI is universally broken. If you think she'll start being less rude as you start winning matches, don't get your hopes up. Her song creates a directional cone of malady and sorrow at point-blank range.

Normal Uniform Alternate Uniform
Normal uniform Alternate uniform
Pretty sure the beret is twice as big as her head At this point, you might as well call it a bikini instead of a uniform O_O;;

Name: Hotaru Yamauchi
Nationality: Japanese
Age: 21
Height: 149cm
Number: 11
Position: Central midfielder
Likes: Cats, Science-fiction books
Dislikes: The Forgotten
A big joker, but most of her attempts at being funny are met with awkward silence. A lot of her puns depend on there being multiple ways to read the same kanji, so you might not even notice them. Her mother is a billionaire, who created the International team, so she is also the team Treasurer. Her short passes never miss - no exceptions, it's an undocumented special skill of hers. She has two songs, but they are just unique versions of the normal midfielder songs.

Normal Uniform Alternate Uniform
Normal uniform Alternate uniform
A different top than everyone else for some reason. Hnnnng tiger suit & paws so adorbs, I never want to use the normal uniform again.

Name: Jessica Smith
Nationality: American
Age: 22
Height: 172cm
Number: 5
Position: Centre back
Likes: Cooking, sports cars
Dislikes: Revenants
Of course the Japanese think all American women are blonde with blue eyes, lol. She's kind of the big sister of the team, even if she's not the oldest. Always impatient, in life and on the field. Her sister plays for the American national team, and they have a weird rivalry going on. Her song (in broken English, of course, lol) can bind spirits trying to escape though screens and electronics.

Normal Uniform Alternate Uniform
Normal uniform Alternate uniform
Not sure what they were really thinking with those boots(?) Just in case the normal uniform didn't have enough ribbons. I guess it's supposed to be some sort of cheerleader outfit?


Title screen Character sheet Match Goal!!!!!!! Dialog scene Portugal Early coiled spirits (bottom-left) Yellow card! Penalty kick Strategy screen :3 Alternate costumes

Illustration Gallery

Artbook Artbook Artbook Artbook Artbook Artbook Artbook Artbook Artbook Artbook Artbook Artbook Artbook Artbook Artbook Artbook Poster Cover Collector's Edition Cover Collector's Edition manual cover

General tips you should know before playing (spoiler-free)


All those cheats must be entered on the pause menu. You will hear Hoshi saying "Nice shot!" if you input the code correctly.

Receive $5000 in funding
L1, R1, R1, /\, R2, /\, R2, [], R1, O, Select

Replenish Stamina prayer
L1, L2, R1, R2, R1, L2, R1, R2, /\, /\, /\, /\, /\, /\, Select

Cleanse a minor injury or possession
L1, R2, R2, O, [], O, [], R1, R1, R1, L3, R3, Select
(L3 and R3 are the buttons under the thumb sticks)

Despawn every Forgotten (may cause the game to crash)
L1, L2, [], O, [], O, R2, R1, R2, R1, /\, Select

Clear every yellow card (for BOTH teams)
L1, R1, R2, [], L2, L2, /\, O, R2, Select

Action Replay codes

E8CA20EF 1930A8BD

Unlimited money
4AB31844 1256EBA5

Maximum score home team
4AB381AC E4CA27A0

Coiled spirits cannot break wards (?)

Maximum distance before possession
4ADF4921 CA04F331

Demons can't change your name anymore (unconfirmed) 
4A43C197 318C4A0B

Credits: TacticalHamster on Gamefaqs


This is not a detailed walkthrough, just the bare minimum you need to know about the game structure to clear the game. Some Japanese skills will really help, but all the menus are in English, except for Save (セーブ) and Load (ロード).

Match 1. Tokyo Effect Field

Janet is scripted to die here, since it's part of the story. Nothing you can do to save her.

Match 2 & 3.

Random locations. Nothing special here - straightforward soccer. It might be a good idea to save before every match, and reload if your opponents do not have a strong player to poach. The sooner you build your roster, the better. But technically, you do not even have to win those matches.

Match 4. Cape Town Effect Field

After the match, WRITE DOWN YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME on a piece of paper. Do not skip this step.

Match 5. Porto Alegre Effect Field

DO NOT allow Hotaru to die! You have to keep her alive for 90 minutes + injury time (if any). However, you are not required (or even expected) to win. Even if you win, a scripted event will happen.

After the match, talk to Hotaru, to the priest, to Hotaru again, and when talking to the exorcist, pick the 2nd then the 3rd answer. After that, perform a prayer.

Match 6~11.

You must win those. Nothing special to know.

Match 12. Paris Effect Field

The match is entirely scripted, so do not waste good items, you cannot win. After the match, visit Léonne in the hospital, and use a blood oath to make her recover from coma.

Be sure to have 14+ players. If you don't, take optional missions until you do.

Match 13. Farthest from the Sunlight

There is nothing that you can do about the scripted events.

If you have fewer than 11 players at the end of the match, it's game over, since you cannot refill your roster with demons, even if you win.

Match 14. Buenos Aires Effect Field

It's almost impossible to get past the goalkeeper, so it's simpler to get rid of him. Strike his wings 3 times, and use a fully charged shot. You are unlikely to score from that shot, but it should decapitate him. Repeat for the two other heads. After that, you can score as many times as you want.

Before you proceed, write down your own name (not your character's) on a piece of paper. Do not skip this step, no matter what.

Match 15. Original Sin

You CAN recruit angels. Do not hesitate to savescum to get a good one! They have unique songs.

Match 16. Limbo

You cannot lose that match, so pick your roster accordingly: free SP/recovery. You can only pick 9 players however, since SERPENT XYÀ and SERPENT GËR will be automatically added to your team (you can pick their positions)

Match 17. Field of Sorrow

The tiles turn Red > Yellow > Black in order, every time someone walks on it. A black square of 4x4 forms a jail. Attempt to imprison Samael if you get a chance. You'll have to sacrifice a player in the process, but you'll get her back at the end of the match.

Match 18. Apocalypse in Suspended Time

Trust your muscle memory and focus on SERPENT GËR. If you have the artbook, he's on page 13, if not, here's a scan (warning, 7MB file).

Match 19. The Night of the Cup

Verify your name first. You must destroy EVERY chalice here. They will appear frequently. Do not miss a single chalice.

Match 20A. The Souls of Tokyo

If you didn't destroy every chalice, this scene happens. After destroying enough tanks and buildings, you will get the bad end.

Match 20B. Redemption

There is no way to prevent the scripted events. Enjoy the "good" end. I know it hit me really hard when I first saw it, but I shall not spoil it. You will unlock the alternate uniforms for every surviving character.

Advanced Tips


Before every prayer, be sure to be clean. Ideally, you should bathe or shower immediately beforehand, and your uniform should be clean.

Two candles are enough, but they should be black. If the shop doesn't sell black candles, then just use more candles.

You should fill the cup with red wine. The manual says grape juice works, but it doesn't. The cup should be yellow or golden if you don't have the standard cup.

Stamina Prayer

In the name of SERPENT XYÀ, Falcon of the Cosmos, Cheetah of the Earth, Sailfish of the Oceans, I implore Thy presence for my pleasure.

I give Thee my doubts, so Thou might give me Purpose.
I give Thee my fears, so Thou might give me Courage.
I give Thee a thread of my soul, so Thou shall be Recompensed.

So I might kick true, aim true, and speak true, I bind Thee to our covenant.

Drink from the cup and wait until SERPENT XYÀ is gone. If she does not leave on her own, ask her why and listen closely. After she is gone, blow the candles and look away.

Name Prayer (Save)

In the Forgotten name of SERPENT GËR, Ruler of the Coiled spirits, Ineffable benevolence of the Planets, I invite Thee to bestow upon me a vision of Thy Visage and Thy Name, so I shall commune with Thine.

O mighty SERPENT, Hold onto my name: [YOUR NAME]. So I may see past delusions, lend me Thy wisdom. So I may see myself once more, let Thy name guide me back to me.

Drink from the cup, blow the candles, and look away, but think of SERPENT GËR as you leave.

Name Prayer (Load)

In the Forgotten name of SERPENT GËR, Ruler of the Coiled spirits, Ineffable benevolence of the Planets, I invite Thee to bestow upon me a vision of my true Visage and my Name, so I shall praise Thine.

O mighty SERPENT, I held onto This name: GËR. Be praised for Thy wisdom, for it wards delusions. Be praised for Thy Name, for it led me back to mine.

Drink from the cup, and you will remember your name. Wait for SERPENT GËR to leave. If he won't leave on his own, bid him farewell respectfully. Blow the candles, look away, and focus your thoughts away from SERPENT GËR.

Payment for Cheating (must be recited at night)

Recite this prayer once for every 10 codes you use.

In nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi! In the name of his Serene Highness Mammon, I invite Thee to claim Thy compensation. I hail the Nocturnal forces to witness our proceedings, so we may all know Prosperity.

So thy Codes may bring me Victory and Domination again tomorrow, I ask of thee, Mammon: count my dues before me!

Repeat the conjuration until you hear the answer. You will be asked for a service: defeat a rival team, purify a city, dispose of an individual, or serve as a vessel. You should generally accept the first three, and SYSTEMATICALLY REFUSE the last one. Mammon cannot ask you for the same service more than 255 times. Be patient and outwait him if he gets stuck on the last request.

If Mammon is here but there are fewer than three witnesses, invite more. DO NOT PROCEED WITHOUT WITNESSES:

Hear thy master's name and Answer! I command the Nocturnal forces to witness our proceedings, so we may all know Prosperity.

If you accept, answer:

O Mammon! Thy Will is wise, and shall be done. Witnesses! Know that I shall serve Mammon for the Pleasure of sharing Business.

If you refuse, answer:

O Mammon! Thy Will is wise, but thy humble [brother|sister] is too weak to carry out the deed. I implore thee to name another price.

If you need to conclude the negotation before reaching an agreement:

O Mammon! Thy Will is wise, but thy humble [brother|sister] finds it not possible to conclude Business this night. I beg thy forgiveness, so we might meet again, for the Pleasure of sharing Business.

Honor your covenant as soon as possible, or Mammon will eventually disable the codes.

Blood Oaths

Unlike prayers, all those oaths bind souls, so proceed with caution.

Otherwise, same preparation as for prayers: be clean, bring candles and a cup.

You will also need a clean knife capable of poking the skin.

Resurrect a teammate

  1. Visit her grave or deathbed
  2. In the menus, pick "LOOK" and then "PRAY"
  3. Light the candles and fill the cup if not already done
  4. Draw the Sigil of Baphomet on the ground:
    Sigil of Baphomet
  5. Recite:

    In nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi! Open the gates of Hell! Open the gates of Hell! Open the gates of Hell! O Mighty Lord Satan, Ruler of the Earth, True God, Bane of the Nazarenes, Hail! Hail! Hail!

    Witness my friend, for She rendered strength unto my Team.

    O Mighty Lord Satan, who made Woman in His own image, lend Her breath once more, so I may bring Vengeance and Devastation to my enemies.

    May She once again Kick true, so She might praise Thy name.

  6. Listen closely until you understand the terms of the covenant. Satan will rarely ask for something you would refuse giving, but he might refuse to help you.
  7. Once you are satisfied with the terms of the covenant, finalize the oath by filling the cup with blood. There's no need to be dramatic, a small poke on the finger and a few droplets of blood are all you need. (But if you have never done this before, it's a good idea to practice drawing blood beforehand, so you won't be intimidated during the ritual).
  8. Recite:
    So it is done! Ave Satanas! Ave Satanas! Ave Satanas!
  9. Blow the candles
  10. Save and reload
  11. Your teammate is alive again, sometimes with a stat bonus.
  12. Honor the terms of the covenant.

Blaspheme a city

Think twice before blaspheming a city: it is irreversible. You will have decreased stats in that city even in NG+. If you have a match in that city, it's a good idea to play it before blaspheming it.

  1. Travel to the city in question and go to a public place (CITY CENTER, TOWN HALL, MALL and STADIUM are guaranteed to work, other places might not)
  2. In the menus, pick "LOOK" and then "PRAY"
  3. Light the candles and fill the cup if not already done
  4. Draw the Sigil of Baphomet on the ground:
    Sigil of Baphomet
  5. Recite:
    In nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi! Open the gates of Hell! Open the gates of Hell! Open the gates of Hell!
    O Mighty Queen Lilith, I Blaspheme the holy spirit in Thy Name!
    In Thy powerful embrace and protection, I have come to [City name] to befoul its name!

    Nema! Livee morf su revilled tub
    Noishaytpment ootni ton suh deel
    Suh tshaiga sapsert tath yeth
    Vigrawf eu za sespsert rua suh vigrawf.
    Derb ilaid rua yed sith suh vig
    Neveh ni si az thre ni
    Nud eeb liw eyth
    Muck mod-ngik eyth
    Main eyth eeb dwohlah
    Neveh ni tra chioo
    Rertharf rua!

    [City name]! I desecrate thy soil, for it is unfit for Football.
    [City name]! I desecrate thy people, for they are asses.
    [City name]! I desecrate thy industry, for it produces excrement.
    [City name]! I desecrate thy name, for it is foul.
  6. Fill the cup with a few drops of blood.
  7. Blow the candles.
  8. Save and reload.

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